Joseph Pilates invented a technique beyond his time.  He knew it over 80 years ago and considering it’s popularity now  he was right.   Pilates is practised by people from every age group and background and is successful quite simply because it works.  The postural muscles of the body are targeted and strength is built from the inside out.  The body is realigned which  improves posture.  Strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination are improved whilst tension and stress is reduced.

To  be able to use your body correctly you need to become body aware and locate forgotten muscles,  you need to learn how to use your body to achieve the best possible results. Whether that is functional to be applied to every day life, specific to aid recovery from injury or challenging to improve physical fitness.

The exercises start off basic and are broken down versions of the original matwork. they progress at a pace which is achievable, and all of the exercises can be modified to suit  the individual.   As the exercises progress small equipment is used to add variety and aid the learning process, the exercises become incredibly challenging and when done correctly, result in a satisfying sense of achievement.

“In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a new body”.