Testimonials from my Pilates Classes in Leicester & my One-to-One Pilates sessions

I have treated many people over the years from all different backgrounds. Some have minor issues simply from their posture due to their jobs and others have serious on-going medical issues. As I have suffered myself with back injury I know just how difficult life can become doing just day to day things. Please get in touch if you would like to see if Pilates can make a difference, either by using my contact form or by calling me on 07956 067970.

"For a number of years, I've been attending both group classes and 1-2-1 sessions with Rosy. I would recommend her as a Pilates teacher without any hesitation. Rosy has the most amazing knowledge of Pilates and how it can benefit everyone individually. Rosy is super passionate about Pilates in a way that just makes you want to learn more about it. Also she is very positive and encouraging which are essential to being a great teacher."

Simon Kelly.



 "I look forward to pilates classes with Rosy. I have progressed well from beginner to intermediate level with Rosy. Each lesson is interesting and stimulating. Rosy explains clearly each exercise and demonstrates the correct moves. The music she uses is excellent and sets the mood for the class. Rosy limits the numbers in the class so she is able to give attention to each class member. Rosy provides: mats, head rests, rollers , spiky balls, foam blocks and bands so all I have to do is turn up! A rugby playing friend suggested I would benefit from the class and he was absolutely spot on. I have done gym "stuff" over the years but this is different!“

Lee Mitchell.


"I was sceptical at first because I thought Pilates was just rolling around on the floor pretending to do exercise. As a consequence of Rosy’s calm yet encouraging style of teaching, I’ve embraced Pilates becoming significantly stronger and more robust, with the toils of old rugby injuries being notably less."

Rick Hall