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After a serious back injury, it was Pilates that made me able to regain strength and learn how to control my muscles to prevent relapse...

In my late teens I was a student at Trinity Laban for Music and Dance training to become a contemporary dancer.  This is where I was introduced to Pilates, I attended weekly mat work Pilates classes which were invaluable. I was able focus on technique and gain a deeper understanding of how the body works. Pilates exercises helped to maintain strength and mobility needed to dance and would speed up recovery from injuries.  I loved this method of exercise and it became a daily routine along with stretching exercises I did to enhance my dance training.

After performing, choreographing and teaching dance for 10 years I had a serious back injury which left me unable to walk for months and in a lot of pain. Surgery followed in 2003 and quickly got back to practicing Pilates. I had to stop dancing and now I do Pilates most days. It is without doubt that I would not have recovered from my surgery as quickly as I did without the knowledge of certain exercises and understanding what to do and how to do it correctly.  I have an ongoing back problem which is controlled by Pilates. I am pain free most of the time, but more importantly I know what to do and how to help myself. This is why I teach Pilates, it has helped me and I can now pass my knowledge and expertise on to others and use my experience to help them.

Many years ago I moved to Leicestershire and I have been teaching Pilates in Leicester and the surrounding areas for over 5 years.

Please view my gallery for photographs that have been taken in the Leicester Pilates Studio. Also, you can view some recent testimonials from customers that have attended my Pilates classes.

My experience Rosy Clark Pilates

Pilates isn't just a set of exercises to copy, it goes way beyond that. It is about changing your body and understanding how it works.  There is no end to what you can learn, I am still learning and have been doing Pilates for 24 years.

I am a qualified Body Control Pilates instructor and have been teaching Pilates for 15 years.  I have taught every age and ability from complete beginners to professional dancers/golfers/musicians/teachers and more.  I have taught privately, in gyms, at peoples homes, at Pilates Studios and in Church halls.  I have years of experience, not only teaching Pilates, but Dance.  I  hold a Personal Trainer qualification and I regularly attend courses to update my teaching skills and learn new material/equipment to teach.

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